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<b>Cryptosteel</b> Indestructible Wallet
<b>Cryptosteel</b> Indestructible Wallet
<b>Cryptosteel</b> Indestructible Wallet

Cryptosteel Indestructible Wallet

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Cryptosteel MNEMONIC

  • double sided – each side can hold 12 Mnemonics – 24 Mnemonics in total
  • each side can hold up to 48 tiles – 96 free tiles slots in total.
  • over 245 letter tiles
  • plus some empty letter tile for 3 letter long mnemonics worlds.

Hand-crafted cold wallet fresh from our bespoke assembly line in Poland.
Unit “MNEMONIC” is Master Mnemonic Seed BIP39 Ready. One set contain 245+ letter tiles.
This Cryptosteel unit can be used as an “eternal backup” for TREZOR and BIP39 HD wallets.
Cryptosteel Wallet will be packaged in bespoke, handcrafted Rafael Akahira – Mutant packaging.